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SQIRLS explodes the interwebz before I even have a chance to blog about it

So Amelia and I recently decided we want to start an art/design team together, called H&H in honor of our last names. We have a few projects completed and even more in our queue. We don’t have a website, because right now it’s a place to dream & create all the crazy things we think up, and later it will become a showcase of work that (we hope) gets us hired.

SQIRLS was a fun thing Amelia thought up and I “art directed.” It’s something we wanted to make to officially announce to ourselves that we had started this duo. Here’s how it happened:

So she did. It now has almost 90,000 views after being featured on Gothamist, Vulture,  Buzzfeed, Jezebel, Huffington Post NY & Comedy, The Atlantic WIRE, TIME Newsfeed,  Tosh.0’s blog, PAPERMAG, AMNY, Glamour and more. GIRLS and Slate and The Guardian Guide tweeted it, which felt pretty cool.

My favorite part was gchatting Amelia “this is so weird” and “what the hell is going on” over and over again.

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