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ITPail Kids

Crys and I created the ID cards for the first year students this year, using a pack of 2014 Garbage Pail Kids cards. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t really have anything else to say about this.


2014-05-21 15.04.54

2014-05-21 15.01.49 copy

2014-05-21 15.02.45 copy

2014-05-21 15.03.00 copy

2014-05-21 15.03.24 copy

2014-05-21 15.04.09 copy


Adventure Eunjin
Jugglin’ Jiwon
Fishbowl Federico
Justin Time for Dinner
Fletcher the 13th
Risky Xinyi
Lok Yu Gladys Slipper
Salem Smella
Stung Jung Hyun
Stung Jung Min
‘Capitated Karam
Served Susanne
Scorched Sharon
Zapped Zoe
Airy Amanda
Airy Arielle
Dana Danish
Pastry Vicci
Cthu Yu
Cthu Yu
Jay-Walkin’ Juo-Hsin
Runny Ran
Jumpin’ Jaewoong
Gangnam Kyle
Boxed Bing
Mimin’ Megan
Colorless Chrisanthy
Colorless Clio
Inpyo Eyes
Isioma Eyes
Jawin’ Julia
Origami Eojin
Origami Uttam
Armpit Allison
Armpit Claire
Pamela Vator
Tessa vator
Batu Bag
Binh Bag
Gem Jerllin
Precious Pedro
Ben Stalk
Jason the Bean Stalk
Artsy Alina
Artsy Amelia
Jammin’ Jiaying
Smashing Sagar
Complex Caitlin
Condo Kelly
Bad Pitch Michelle
Bad Pitch Michelle
Excalibur Edwin
Boogie John-ster
Boogie John-ster
Jake Charmer
Jake Charmer
Scuba Saki
Octo WoonYung
Mudflap Monique
Tired Thomas
See no Eamon
Three Wise Ken
Dog’s Day David
Lonely Leslie
Satellite Samuel
Qingyuan Chimes
Rattlin’ Rucha
Atlas Abraham
Atlas Alexander
Anglin’ Aankit
Anglin’ Adarsh
Clownin’ Clara
Clownin’ Corey
Dan D. Lion
Tan D. Lion
Changin’ Chin-Hsuan
Changin’ Chinazo
Serpent Seiya
Serpent Sharang
Slobberin’ Hsiang-Ying
Slobberin’ Sabrina
Fecal Michael
Fecal Michael
Hairy Hongeun
Mustache Maximo
Attractive Alejandro
Magnetic Margaret
Hellyn Fish Sandwich
Jeffrey Fish Sandwich
Zombie Zhuoying
Zombie Ziv
Kate Skate
Speedy Sheri
Skiin’ Adrian
Downhill Devin
Yellin’ Yiyang
Bailed Barbara
Bailed Brian
Dizzy Danqing
Dizzy Dimelsa
Canned Kina
Canned Kristina
Wrinkly Rodrigo
Wrinkly Rodrigo
Nordic Neil
Nordic Nevena
Bony Jayati
Bony Jinyi
Aaron Bomb
Alon Bomb

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