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I’m very proud to be *officially* publishing my project User Experience of a Heartbreak.

UX3.us is a series of animations that describe what it feels like to use technology while going through breakup, and how evidence of you and your past partner seems to turn up almost everywhere. Not unlike the stabbing feeling you get in your gut when a song comes on that reminds you of your recently departed lover, technology holds evidence of your relationship that it can spring on you unannounced. These moments, though typically very mundane, can suddenly become irritating or even extremely amusing. Like somehow your phone and apps and computer and browser are all in the know about your personal life & emotions. (Which they kind of are.)

While going through a breakup last year, I decided to start taking screenshots to document these moments. I was surprised that it hurt to be “blocked.” I didn’t realize how many times I’d programmed his name to be the answer to my password security question “Who is your best friend?” And, to put it lightly, I did not appreciate his new partner being recommended as a “suggested friend.” In the smallest of ways, the internet seemed to have preserved our relationship (and its demise) in some sort of limbo–  with what had become these very superficial connections. It was the first time that my life online didn’t feel at all like my real life.


In addition to documenting, I also did some searching. The first thing I googled about my breakup was “does blocking someone on facebook end relationship.” But before I had finished typing, Google’s suggested query results appeared, and I stumbled upon this remarkable phenomenon of incredibly heartbroken people online– and they were trying to help each other! I’m talking Yahoo Answers forums from 2008, everyone cloaked in an anonymous avatar, saying things like “my ex wrote me an email and i don’t know if i should write back what should i do?”  And then a series of answers like, “dude don’t do it, step away” or the more insightful “Even though you still care for the person, you should really take the time to think about how this affects you.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.24.39 PM

I was kind of awestruck. Here were all these people experiencing this insanely painful thing, and these moments in time where they had trusted the internet to help them solve their problems. And it’s all archived for what I can only imagine is a very, very long time. All of these snippets of time, where this person or that was feeling so extremely vulnerable, is saved in some server somewhere. Even if that person is no longer heartbroken, or has been healed and heartbroken 3 times over since that post, that snippet is still alive. Whoa.

(Here’s one of my personal favorite sites. Even at a glance you can see how many people have shared story, after story, after story.)

It’s kind of wonderful that people look to Google for answers on anything from 2+2 to something incredibly personal.  Like, Google’s goddamn amazing ‘Parisian Love’ ad from 2010 was not messing around. I wanted that experience to be the landing page for my site so anyone who visited could identify with this heartbroken character who was just trying to find answers and get better. All the queries used on my site are taken from real searches. The animations are all versions of moments I experienced or that I imagine someone else has. There are so many more to add! I illustrated everything by hand, but of course all design is credited to the corresponding sites and applications.

I’ve read quite a few interesting articles related to my project. Here’s a handful:
Tangled Web of Memories Lingers After a Breakup,
Chat History Remembering a Relationship, One Chat at a Time
Bubbles Carry a Lot of Weight, and
People Feeling Insecure About Their Relationships Post About Them More on Facebook

I was also so incredibly inspired by
What Love Looks Like,
Screenshots of Despair,
Google Poetics,
Coding in Love,
Sorry I Haven’t Posted,
Old Loves,
The Ex-Lover’s T-Shirt photo series,
Holy Cow Lisa, and
the writing of Sasha Fletcher & Marie-Helene Bertino

And am very grateful to Alvaro Trigo and whoever made this for sharing their code to help the rest of us build sites that look half decent.

And of course so so many thanks to these folks who helped way more than they realize.


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I’ll be showing my work called User Experience of a Heartbreak as part of DUMBO Arts Festival, opening tonight from 6-9pm. I’m not releasing the URL just yet, but here’s a sneak peak of some prints I’m showing and some behind the scenes action. See you there!

111 Front Street, Suite 216 in DUMBO

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.50.12 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.51.04 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.51.26 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.50.33 AM

My partner in crime for this show, Crys Moore, cutting her flat file in the streets of NY so it fits in our cab.

Doing some last-minute print doctoring by clamp-light.

The setup!

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Showing my students glitch techniques with the scanner using Kimye’s Vogue cover.



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Crys and I created the ID cards for the first year students this year, using a pack of 2014 Garbage Pail Kids cards. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t really have anything else to say about this.


2014-05-21 15.04.54

2014-05-21 15.01.49 copy

2014-05-21 15.02.45 copy

2014-05-21 15.03.00 copy

2014-05-21 15.03.24 copy

2014-05-21 15.04.09 copy


Adventure Eunjin
Jugglin’ Jiwon
Fishbowl Federico
Justin Time for Dinner
Fletcher the 13th
Risky Xinyi
Lok Yu Gladys Slipper
Salem Smella
Stung Jung Hyun
Stung Jung Min
‘Capitated Karam
Served Susanne
Scorched Sharon
Zapped Zoe
Airy Amanda
Airy Arielle
Dana Danish
Pastry Vicci
Cthu Yu
Cthu Yu
Jay-Walkin’ Juo-Hsin
Runny Ran
Jumpin’ Jaewoong
Gangnam Kyle
Boxed Bing
Mimin’ Megan
Colorless Chrisanthy
Colorless Clio
Inpyo Eyes
Isioma Eyes
Jawin’ Julia
Origami Eojin
Origami Uttam
Armpit Allison
Armpit Claire
Pamela Vator
Tessa vator
Batu Bag
Binh Bag
Gem Jerllin
Precious Pedro
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Jason the Bean Stalk
Artsy Alina
Artsy Amelia
Jammin’ Jiaying
Smashing Sagar
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Condo Kelly
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Bad Pitch Michelle
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Boogie John-ster
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Jake Charmer
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Changin’ Chinazo
Serpent Seiya
Serpent Sharang
Slobberin’ Hsiang-Ying
Slobberin’ Sabrina
Fecal Michael
Fecal Michael
Hairy Hongeun
Mustache Maximo
Attractive Alejandro
Magnetic Margaret
Hellyn Fish Sandwich
Jeffrey Fish Sandwich
Zombie Zhuoying
Zombie Ziv
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Skiin’ Adrian
Downhill Devin
Yellin’ Yiyang
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Bailed Brian
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Canned Kristina
Wrinkly Rodrigo
Wrinkly Rodrigo
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Nordic Nevena
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Bony Jinyi
Aaron Bomb
Alon Bomb

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So Amelia and I recently decided we want to start an art/design team together, called H&H in honor of our last names. We have a few projects completed and even more in our queue. We don’t have a website, because right now it’s a place to dream & create all the crazy things we think up, and later it will become a showcase of work that (we hope) gets us hired.

SQIRLS was a fun thing Amelia thought up and I “art directed.” It’s something we wanted to make to officially announce to ourselves that we had started this duo. Here’s how it happened:

So she did. It now has almost 90,000 views after being featured on Gothamist, Vulture,  Buzzfeed, Jezebel, Huffington Post NY & Comedy, The Atlantic WIRE, TIME Newsfeed,  Tosh.0’s blog, PAPERMAG, AMNY, Glamour and more. GIRLS and Slate and The Guardian Guide tweeted it, which felt pretty cool.

My favorite part was gchatting Amelia “this is so weird” and “what the hell is going on” over and over again.

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Revived & updated an old blog where I’ve written weird shit in the past few years. Now even more of my creepiness is alive and breathing on the interwebs. spraypaintingindoors.tumblr.com

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Saturday afternoon submission of this week’s Monday Challenge.

One Second Videos is a concept I created along with my partner Ian, after we kept accidentally taking “photos” on our iPhones while they were on the video setting. So we’d realize the camera was recording and quickly stop it, creating one second videos. Little splices of a moment. Filmmakers and photographers capture moments with elegance and beauty. We create them sloppily and accidentally.


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New tumblr I made after constantly being assaulted by female “Stars Without Makeup” adorning the covers of magazines in the supermarket checkout line. In 2012, we still haven’t moved past the idea that women should make their looks a priority. Fucking bullshit.


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My first week @ Microsoft FUSE labs, as seen in whiteboards & screenshots. What secret things am I up to? You cannot know.

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New Poster designs. Vegan Shop-Up is invading Manhattan!

But don’t worry, they’re still takin’ over good ol’ Brooklyn, same as always.

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